Max-prop automatic feathering propeller

Max-Prop is the leading low drag propeller on the market today. Since starting production in the 1970's Max-Prop has proven itself on racing and cruising boats around the world. With over 35,000 propellers in the water, the Max-Prop is tested daily in the harshest conditions and has established itself as the most efficient and reliable low drag propeller. The combination of low drag, outstanding reverse power, efficient forward performance and fail safe design makes Max-Prop the ideal Sailboat propeller on the market today. Now with the introduction of the ECOWIND, Max-Prop has taken a revolutionary step forward in the propulsion of Sailboats.

Max-prop features

LOW DRAG : Under sail the Max-Prop will increase sailing speed by about 15%, the largest difference being noticed when sailing in light air. When sailing with a fixed propeller the vessel has to overcome the fixed blade drag, installing aMax-Prop maximizes sailing performance.

RELIABILITY : Max-Prop uses a "differential" type design so all bladesopen in unison in forward or reverse. The extraordinary reliability of the Max-Prop hasmade it an overwhelming choice for long range cruisers.

GREAT REVERSE : The Max-Prop provides 80% greater reverse power than a comparable fixed blade propeller. In reverse the blades rotate 180° in 3/4 turn of the shaft giving the Max-Prop the same efficiency in reverse as in forward.

ADJUSTABILITY : The pitch is adjustable on all Max-Props. This allows you to optimize the propeller pitch to the engine to achieve maximum efficiency.

Classic: Two and Three Blade

  • Original design, over 35,000 sold
  • 30 years of proven performance
  • 30 years of unequalled reliability
  • Very low drag
  • Outstanding reverse
  • Internal 2 degree pitch adjustment
  • Smoother operation with the 3 blade
  • Greater thrust with the 3 blade

ECOWIND: Four Blade

  • All the features of the VP & Classic, plus
  • Higher speeds for a given RPM
  • Much lower fuel consumption
  • Extended range under power
  • Better acceleration
  • Less engine noise at cruising speed
  • Reduced shock load to the drivetrain
  • Easy one piece installation
  • Adjustable fine tuning dial

Variable Pitch VP: Three and Four Blade

  • All the features of the Classic and more
  • External adjustment
  • Fine 1 degree pitch adjustment
  • No special tools required to adjust pitch
  • Smooth and efficient under power
  • Legendary Max-Prop reverse performance
  • Improved thrust with the 4 blade
  • Quieter operation with the 4 blade
  • One piece installation on the 4 blade


Max-Prop Saildrive With the worldwide acceptance
and use of SailDrives, Max-Prop developed both a two and three blade which adapts to a spline of the drive unit with no modifications. The user will experience the same
advantages as a classic Max-Prop, low drag,
superior forward propulsion and unsurpassed reverse
power. The SailDrive Max-Prop is adaptable to the
Volvo, Yanmar, ZF and Bukh Saildrive legs.
Propeller's for Yanmar SailDrive's are equipped with a dampened hub, that exceed Yanmar's requirements.

new MAX PROP 5 bladed model WHISPER

The Max-Prop Whisper uses five blades to provide quiet operation and impressive thrust. Especially against heavy wind and seas, the fifth blade will maintain boat speed on a heavy vessel. Also, the fifth blade provides a smoother operation quieting down propeller noise on larger applications. The Whisper is based on the Easy design, so it ships fully assembled, making installation and pitch changes simple and fast. The pitch is adjustable 2 degree increments, providing the ability to fine tune the loading of the engine. Moreover, pitch adjustment can be done in the water as the propeller does not need to be disassembled to change the pitch. The Whisper is designed for larger moderate to heavy displacement vessels. Which can benefit from the extra thrust and quiet performance of a five blade propeller.


A.B.S.Approved! Install At Next Haul-Out!
For Safety and Peace of Mind!


INSTALLED ON: USCG, US Navy, Canadian CG, RNLI (English CG) and thousands of pleasure and commercial vessels worldwide.

How the SPURS Line,Net & Weed Cutter works and why you should install at your next haul-out...

  • The principle that enables the shaft-mounted "SPURS" to cut so effectively is the "screw action" created as the propeller turns, winding lines, nets or weeds directly into "SPURS" blades, instantly cutting before allowing entanglement or damage to the running gear.
    (A positive solution to an age old problem.)
  • Eliminates hazardous dives to cut prop-fouling lines in freezing or high seas.
  • No more costly commercial "Down Time" for repairs.
  • Prevents the need for commercial towing.
  • Allows running after dark.
  • No more shafts or struts torn loose that can sink your vessel.
  • Avoid expensive haul-outs, dry-docking and diver's charges.
  • Prevents burnt bearings.



The Packless Sealing System (PSS) Shaft Seal is a mechanical face seal that is created between a rotating stainless steel collar (rotor) and a stationary carbon flange (stator). The carbon flange is attached to a convoluted rubber (EPDM) bellow and the back of the bellow is attached to the shaft log (sterntube) of the boat with hose clamps. During installation, the stainless steel collar is used to compress the convoluted bellow.

The collar is then secured to the shaft with set screws. The compression of the bellow allows the seal faces to remain in constant contact and compensate for the fore-and-aft movement of the shaft caused by the propellers thrust pushing on the engine mounts. The carbon flange is bored larger than the shaft diameter, allowing it to "float" around the shaft and compensate for most misalignment and vibration problems.

The stainless steel collar is sealed to the shaft with two o-rings that are recessed into the bore of the collar. These o-rings rotate with the shaft and collar and do not experience wear during operation. This static o-ring seal enables the PSS Shaft Seal to be fit on shafts that have some wear or pitting, unlike lip seal designs that require a clean area for the lip seal to ride.



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